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5 Tips to Following Up

5 Tips to Following Up

Most of us know that following up is important to our business, but why is it such a forgotten sales and service tool?  Often it is because it falls into that important but not urgent category.  Here’s a few tips that may motivate you to get your follow-up procedures moving in the right direction.

How soon to Follow up? Immediately!

The best time to follow up is when you are still in the fore-front of the prospect’s mind.  I have often thought “i just spent an hour with them, they do not want to hear from me again so soon.”  Wrong – a follow-up report of the meeting shows your professionalism, and helps to increase the good feelings from the meeting.

How often to follow-up?  Consistency is better than frequency.

At the end of each meeting, tell the prospect when they should expect to hear from you.  If you way what you’ll do, and then do what you say, you will build trust.  Once you start to communicate, maintain consistency to increase familiarity.  If your communication is sporadic, you will risk being forgotten.  If you communicate too much though, you will be seen as a pest.  Provide value in your communication and you will always be welcome.  Remember ~ If you make my life easier or make money for me every time you call, I will always look forward to seeing you.

How to build trust?  Manage expectations!

In order to avoid unkind thoughts and complaints, set expectations up front. Most complaints come when prospects are surprised – so tell people exactly what you will be sending, when, and how it will benefit them.

The good and the bad of e-mail.

E-mail makes it easy to communicate with people, but that is also the downfall. If you send unwanted e-mails, you could be labeled as a spammer, resulting in your e-mail address being banned, and your host could drop you, your e-mail and your website. Before you email anyone, make sure you have permission to do so. This is as simple as including an “opt-in” button on your website or other lead capture method. Once you have their permission, they are less likely to send you to the SPAM folder and more likely to respond to your messages.  Don’t be the guy that no one wants to talk to at the party, ask permission and be polite.

When to stop?  When they ask you to.

Remember, 80% of your prospects may not be ready to buy right now, but they will be ready in  the next 2 years. Don’t give up on the opportunity to stay in touch with these prospects – through special offers, helpful tips and tricks, coupons, industry news, new product information, etc. You never know when one of these prospects will be ready to buy.

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