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5 Types of Content You Probably Aren’t Creating but Should

5 Types of Content You Probably Aren’t Creating but Should

I often promote that content marketing gives the best return on your your marketing effort, but it requires the most valuable commitment – a business owner’s time. With other forms of marketing, a business owner hands over a check and the marketing people do their magic. Yes, the checks can really add up, but the business owner can focus on what they do best – running their business. With content marketing, if you don’t want a fluff piece, a business owner needs to spend time to craft and cultivate the message. A lot of the time a business owner spends involves deciding what to write about. recently published a post that I like titled 5 types of content you probably aren’t creating but should The reason this post resonated with me is that once we get past the “feature and benefits of…”, “case study.” and “latest news”, we often get stuck and start regurgitating familiar information. When we try to think of new content that is relevant and of interest to our prospects, such as:

  • Questions that customers frequently have about our product or service
  • Information that positions our business as a leader in the industry
  • Content that prospects need to make a decision to buy

We often become concerned with sharing too much. gave ideas about how to cover pricing by giving a range or an example, without giving your price book to your competitors. I also really like their suggestion to record webinars and interviews so the video and the text can be posted. For example, I will often go to industry events and take notes of a presentation to use as a blog post at a later date, all with proper citations of course! If I could record these presentations, think of how much more valuable the content would be. For the full story, please visit:

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