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12 Ways To Improve Your Website

While a lot of web design is an art, improving useability, stickability and ROI is a science.  Why do I say this? Because all those “-ability” and acronyms phrases are used in science-related fields, while feel-good phrases, such as “attractive”, “memorable”, and “distinctive” are used in art-related fields.  As a closet economist, I tend to trend to the science section of web design.  Our good friends at HubSpot published a blog on “How To Make Sure Your Website Passes the Dreaded Blink Test” which covers a lot of the science parts, and some of the artsy parts of web design […]
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How do I get on the first page of Google?

I get asked this question all the time, and my answer always seem to disappoint.  Google produces a list of search results based upon the word phrase you enter into their search box.  This word phrase is called a Keyword Phrase, and the search results will vary greatly based upon the word or words, the order of the words and the person who is searching. The number one variable for how long it will take and how much it will cost to get on the first page of Google, is the number of competitor results for the keyword phrase.  If […]
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Why Should I Blog?

For years now, we have heard of a wonderful technology called blogging. For anyone who does not know about blogs, it is a simplified technology to publish content to the internet.  Using blogging software, anyone familiar with a word processor is able to add a page of content to the internet without going through a web-master or programmer.  With blogs, suddenly the barriers to publishing are torn down, and the news industry, public relations and sales people have been adapting ever since. There are many advantages of publishing content to the web, and blogging reduces the cost and technical requirements […]
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5 things every small business should know about their website

In the life of a small business it is quite common for a business to out-grow their web-designer, or for the design company to no longer be able to serve the needs of the small business. I have recently received some calls from small business owners that for one reason or another are not happy with their online presence and do not know what to do. Often they cannot get a response from the designer and feel trapped because they do not know if anyone can step in to take over their site. There are five pieces of advice that […]
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On-Page SEO: What is the most important item?

What is On-Page SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization for those who have a life outside of Internet Marketing) is my number one discussion focus when evaluating a website.  On-Page SEO refers to developing your website so the search engines (presently Google, Bing and to a lesser extent Yahoo) are able to read your web-pages, understand what they are about and rank them in terms of content relevance as compared to all the thousands of other web-pages that also want to appear for a keyword or key-phrase.   Search engine traffic is such an important part of being successful as a small business, that […]
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