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Hello Marketing World!

Hello Marketing World!

I sort of “fell into” Marketing.  Back in the earlier ’90’s as a regional salesman, I realized that it was easier to win sales if the prospect knew why my product was better, but as a “Salesperson”, my efforts at explaining our benefits were always interpreted as “biased”.  I found that by presenting non-commercial application packed information at industry trade shows, I could educate prospects in a manner that helped future sales but did not have the evil taint of sales-speak.  Thus began my experience in Content Marketing.

Today Content Marketing is the hottest trend in the marketing world, with the majority of it being done over the Internet.  Companies are still presenting at industry trade-shows, submitting articles to industry trade magazines, and developing application White Papers, but the best “bank-for-the-buck” is to get this information online where it is searchable, can be shared, and lives in infamy.  In 2007, I started to get involved with putting my marketing messages online.  Through grunt force, I learned enough HTML and CSS to be dangerous, searched the internet for help on e-mail marketing, Social media and how to get my message recognized by the search engines.  Along the way, I learned many new tricks, several philosophies that sounded right but did not work “in the real world”, and that there were more “experts” than true marketers.  I decided to create this site to compile the information I have learned to help a small business person with all the steps they will need to develop their marketing program.

Please comment through-out the site, and if you have questions, let me know!

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