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Improving local search results

Improving local search results

Getting better search results for local businesses is becoming one of the top 5 topics I get questions about lately. It’s a whole different ball-game than improving website seo. Here’s the simple 1-2-3 step process to improve your local search results.

1.). Our first priority is no longer programming your webpage for keywords and search engine readability, but claiming the listings in the search engine’s local directories.

2.) Instead of worrying about off-page links, we have to make sure other directories have the correct business Name, Address and Phone (NAP). is one of those insider secrets for finding out where a business is already listed locally and quickly be able to edit those listings.

3.) The last step is getting citations – mentions about your business in locally recognized webpages about your business. This is one of the most difficult parts to explain. Luckily SEOMoz just had a Friday Whiteboard video about how to find competitive local citation opportunities. . The link goes to a page with the video as well as a complete verbatim transcription for those who prefer to read. SEOMoz posts excellent training videos every Friday.

SEOMoz just partnered with Now that SEOMoz has partnered with them, they will have a lot more articles about local search.

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