10 reasons local business should love Google Places

Have you used Google Places yet? What is Google Places? Google is more than just a search engine, now they are also a directory, but a directory on steroids! Instead of the Yellow Pages, consumers are using Google Places to find local business’s phone numbers, addresses and information for services they need. Unlike the Yellow Pages of old, this service is free. You’ll discover hundreds of advantages for listing your business on Google Places. Listed below are 10 advantages worth mentioning. Online listings like Google Places is the way of the future, and in many areas, it has replaced paper […]
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Why Should I Blog?

For years now, we have heard of a wonderful technology called blogging. For anyone who does not know about blogs, it is a simplified technology to publish content to the internet.  Using blogging software, anyone familiar with a word processor is able to add a page of content to the internet without going through a web-master or programmer.  With blogs, suddenly the barriers to publishing are torn down, and the news industry, public relations and sales people have been adapting ever since. There are many advantages of publishing content to the web, and blogging reduces the cost and technical requirements […]
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5 Tips to Following Up

Most of us know that following up is important to our business, but why is it such a forgotten sales and service tool?  Often it is because it falls into that important but not urgent category.  Here’s a few tips that may motivate you to get your follow-up procedures moving in the right direction. How soon to Follow up? Immediately! The best time to follow up is when you are still in the fore-front of the prospect’s mind.  I have often thought “i just spent an hour with them, they do not want to hear from me again so soon.”  […]
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If I can only do one thing, what will best improve my business?

I attended a workshop about preparing a 90 day plan for your business hosted by my good friend Dipak Ghosh of ActionCoach . Every business wants more clients, more sales and more profit, but we are normally too busy blocking and tackling with the day-to-day activities to develop as plan.  Dipak’s Profit & Growth workshop helped me dedicate an afternoon to focus on how to grow my business.    For anyone that has heard the ActionCoach philosophy, you know that they focus on five variables that we can affect to drive growth.  During the workshop, I realized there was so many different ways […]
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5 things every small business should know about their website

In the life of a small business it is quite common for a business to out-grow their web-designer, or for the design company to no longer be able to serve the needs of the small business. I have recently received some calls from small business owners that for one reason or another are not happy with their online presence and do not know what to do. Often they cannot get a response from the designer and feel trapped because they do not know if anyone can step in to take over their site. There are five pieces of advice that […]
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5 Common Follow-Up Mistakes Businesses Make

The other week, I attended one of the monthly educational seminar offered by the Brookfield Chamber. It was “Costly Follow-Up Mistakes and How To Avoid Them” presented by Tara Alemany of Aleweb Social, Susan Merlo of Next Level iMedia and Rick Schwartz of The Sales Addict as a Round-Table Q & A event. The event was well attended with over thirty local small businesses from the Danbury and Brookfield CT area. The five biggest mistakes that small businesses make are: 1.) Not following up The purpose of a follow up system is to maintain contact information, schedule follow up reminders […]
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What are you doing for others?

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” ~ Martin Luther King jr. On this day of rememberence, I am reminded of one of the quotes made by MLK on his “March on Washington” speech. This quote is one of the foundations of “Pay It Forward”, which is the underlying reason that I started this website. In today’s economic times, our country cannot rely upon big business of the past. Big business is global, and the decisions that businesses make for their success will be in the best interest of the business, which may not […]
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What is Content Marketing?

I am proud to welcome our first guest blogger, and it is …. Me! But I am representing Calibrate Marketing & Mentoring, one of our sponsors, with this blog.  Please enjoy our first guest blog: What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing is one of the latest buzz phrases being associated with Internet Marketing.  It describes marketing methods that use information, education and entertainment to make the sales process easier.  It is not a new concept though.  Many marketing efforts use these methods; Trade-show presentations, advertorials that are advertisements written as an editorial, and my favorite sales pitch from 1976 – Jim […]
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On-Page SEO: What is the most important item?

What is On-Page SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization for those who have a life outside of Internet Marketing) is my number one discussion focus when evaluating a website.  On-Page SEO refers to developing your website so the search engines (presently Google, Bing and to a lesser extent Yahoo) are able to read your web-pages, understand what they are about and rank them in terms of content relevance as compared to all the thousands of other web-pages that also want to appear for a keyword or key-phrase.   Search engine traffic is such an important part of being successful as a small business, that […]
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How to add audio to a 2007 PowerPoint presentation

I love PowerPoint for creating sales and training presentations, but sometimes I want the presentation to run on it’s own – so I do not have to personally give it each time.  There are several reasons for this: I’m leaving the presentation for a customer to show to his co-workers It’s an instructional presentation that needs to be available in case a process is forgotten I want the audience to be able to view the presentation at their leisure I want the presentation to run at a trade show when I might not be immediately available PowerPoint has the ability […]
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