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Spring Clean Your Website – Why Is it Important?

Spring Clean Your Website – Why Is it Important?

Content can become obsolete rapidly – which is why it’s critical to create new content as well as repurpose old content as well.

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be restricted to your home or office — it can apply to your company’s website also! Getting rid of obsolete online blog content, refreshing your most popular posts and adding new supporting information to old posts are all awesome approaches to save time for repurposing content. And when better to do it than in the spring?

Review SEO Rules

It is unfortunate for marketers that Google’s algorithm is forever updating. This is the reason you ought to take a day to review the latest changes and upgrade your site accordingly. You might need to choose new keyword catchphrases, alter titles or expand on certain posts to ensure their search ranking position stays the same.

Evaluate Your Branding

If your site has been around for some time, you may have old content that no longer aligns with who you are today. This may include content that is too far off topic or content that contains the wrong tone. Simply alter or expel old content that could create confusion or inconsistency with your brand. Keep in mind that older posts can, in some cases, show up in search so ensure the old links redirects to content that give clients the correct first impression.

Repurpose With a Purpose

We’ve all heard the expression, “out with the old and in with the new.” But instead of replacing old content with new, you could recycle it. This is especially valuable if your team has issues rustling up new thoughts for content. Consider your new readers, who have most likely never read your older posts. Spin an old post by moving the fundamental focus slightly, updating to new information and trends or giving any new insights you’ve picked up. Repurposing allows you to deliver an old post with a new viewpoint or reinforces an previous stance.

More Decluttering Ideas

Aside from redesigned content, your blog might need some programming changes to streamline user experience and spruce up your design. Have your web creator examine your blog for things like unused widgets or plugins, curiously large records, dead connections and spam remarks. Anything that could make your blog seem jumbled or ignored ought to be hurled out.  Also have your developer review your Google Analytics for any pages that have an abnormally low time on site, or a larger than normal bounce rate or exit rate.  All of these can be signs that the page is not delivering content appropriately to the visitor.

Once your team has painstakingly searched through your site to guarantee precise, clean and engaging content, you’ll have peace of mind that your your website will continue to promote your business’s growth.


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