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Tracking our Marketing Efforts

Tracking our Marketing Efforts

One of the reasons I like internet marketing is that we can easily track how we go our leads.  Using Google analytics, we can see where every webpage visitor came from – e-mail, search, or from another website.  Often we’ll have a new marketing strategy and we want to promote it through multiple channels.  We could make multiple landing pages for each marketing channel, or we could use UTM Tracking Codes.  What is a UTM Tracking Code?  Luckily HubSpot has just published a Frequently Asked Question on just this topic.

What Are UTM Codes?

Also known as UTM parameters, UTM codes are little snippets of text added to the end of your URL to help you track the success of your content on the web.

Adding the snippets of code after the question mark doesn’t affect anything on the page — it just lets your analytics program know that someone arrived through a certain source or overall marketing channel as part of a certain campaign. Here are the five things you can track with UTM codes: 

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