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What would it be?

What would it be?

What would it be like if someone had said “I approve of all the choices you’ve made”?
What would it be like if I never doubted that I was making the right choice?

Having a peer review group can be so important for a small business. Many small business owners are bombarded with demands, requests and desired from the customers, sales people and internal staff, that it becomes easy to say yes or no based on today’s immediate demands, without any serious consideration if the request makes sense for long-term growth of the business.

Every small business experiences ups and downs. Having a trusted peer review team, whether it’s a group from the local chamber of commerce or from your bni group, or an independent management team, can greatly relieve the stress and mis-direction that a sole proprietor may feel doing it on their own.

The most successful businesses have a core group of advisors who help the business owner through the difficult times. No matter how smart you are, an outside opinion, one that does not have a vested interest, can always help your management decisions.

A goal of mine for 2012 is to develop a formal peer review group to help my business. I have a group of connections that I trust and utilize on an informal basis. In exchange for their advice and guidance, I look at what I can offer to them so this should be a win-win for everyone.

Who is your peer review group? What do you offer to build your group?

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